$h*thole Country


I’m the product of a shithole country

Where we got a whole ‘lotta vibes and a whole ‘lotta spice.

Your bean casserole of a body could never.

Your store bought Cheeto tan shutters at the source of my melanin.

The sun just feels better from this side of the ocean.

The sons just get tougher from this side of the ocean.

Our sons just get guns from that side of the ocean…

So sit down and let me tell you something about our magic potion.

Because you ain’t never lived until you’ve felt sea breeze dance to reggae beats.

Until your waistline has learned to tik-tok with punctuality.

Until you’ve had the pleasure of eating escovitch on wooden seats,

Learn what it really look like when you finished eating a mango seed.

What it really sound like when you finally get sum’n to cry fa.

Shub up di tears

Because it’s straight upful vibes out here.

Our feet have learned to traverse sandy dunes as well as maroon hills.

Our hands have learned to turn and mek fashion, turning old hobbies into new skills,

Turning leisure into ways to pay bills.

Our hearts, drenched in coconut wata, have learned to sing joyously with the Nyabinghi.

I look at the beautiful faces, smell the delicious food, and wonder‘ shithole country where?‘.


Happy new year my dearest Wild Ones!


So I had something completely different prepared for you guys today, but after hearing Trump’s comments on Haiti and the entire continent of Africa being shithole countries, clearly, I had to say something.


I am neither surprised nor upset that Donald Trump has made these remarks.

Do you get mad when a toddler spells phenomenal with an ‘F’? No, it’s a waste of anger…as is this entire ‘presidency’.

But I do worry about the fact that his opinions are often in the minds of the American population.


We’re taught as American children that America is the ‘land of dreams’. We’re also taught, subconsciously, that all those other countries, pillaged and destroyed by European hands, are somehow innately inferior to America. This inferiority is usually determined by economic status and political infrastructure, both broken by the same European hands now claiming these places to be inferior.


These places are not inferior. They are strong. They have learned to rise from the evil that is colonialism, building themselves up to compete in world markets while many of them have citizens that can still remember when they gained their independence. These countries have many things that America will never have. Firstly starting with culture. The thieving history of America has created a shallow culture at best, specifically in terms of white America. When you take things from everybody, including the bits of their cultures that you can get away with, your culture becomes a shallow salad of sorts rather than a melting pot.


I just decided to use my platform today to let you guys know that although America has deemed itself as the best country in the world, it isn’t. Every country has something beautiful and different to add to this amazing planet that we inhabit, including America but not limited to America.


Also, my thoughts and prayers are with my Haitians out there! In the wake of the 8 year anniversary of that devastating earthquake and in the midst of insensitive comments coming out of this mockery of a white house, my love goes out to you all. Continue producing amazing people and nearly as good black rice! L’union fait la force!


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Sending only love,


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