On Why Boldness Matters


Good morning wild ones,

This 30 days of boldness challenge is quickly changing my life, and I hope the same goes for you. I can’t wait to post an update video because a lot has happened since the small stalemate that I reached with the challenge during my last update. Look out for a video in the next few days. Also, click here if you missed my day 7 update.
I have known for a while that boldness is very important in the process of becoming your best self, but I was not exactly sure why or how.

What purpose does boldness serve in self-growth?

One morning after waking up, I had a huge revelation that put everything in perspective. I finally understood why being bold is so important.

Boldness is about controlling yourself and not caring to control others.

When you are truly bold, you do not even wish to control the thoughts of others. You don’t care to make them more favorable to yours because their opinion, though important in making the world a diverse place, is not important in determining any of your success or failure. As a bold individual, you focus on staying within the moral and ethical boundaries which YOU set for YOURself while concurrently stepping out of the boundaries which society set for you.

Often times, the phrase ‘I don’t care’ is a way for people to avoid issues by hiding behind a callous façade. Boldness is the healthy way of upholding an ‘I don’t care’ attitude. This makes boldness naturally effective in combating the negativity around you. In Jamaica they have this phrase, ‘duppy know who to frighten’ which simply means that ghosts know who to scare. Just like a ghost cannot frighten someone who does not care about ghosts, the negativity of others does not affect those who do not care about people’s opinions. Even more important than external negativity, boldness combats internal negativity and insecurities. The biggest cause of insecurities is fear of judgment. But because boldness focuses you on you, the external judgments soon hold little value. When you don’t care about external judgments, self-doubt, the driving force behind internal negativity and insecurities, dissipates. You become tetherless, not tied to the weights of societies ideals or dictates. When you attack the root of your insecurities, they soon replace with true confidence. Boldness is a life skill that holds an endless array of fringe benefits. During this 30 days of boldness challenge I have seen my confidence, humility, positivity, and happiness improve in amazing ways. There are many other benefits that I hope that we can unlock on this journey. If you would like to join this challenge, click here to see how to make your own 30 days of boldness challenge.

Be Bold, Be Great.


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