On Loving Those You Love


Good evening my dearest Wild Ones,

I almost died this week. I wish that this was hyperbole or dramatics, but it’s not. In a series of events that involved gun threats and black leather gloves, I really almost died this week. That thing is sobering. It’s thought provoking. Thankfully, the scariest issues have been resolved, but it still caused me to ask myself,

‘If I did end up dying, would I have been content with my life lived?’.

The answer is yes. So then, my next question to myself was ‘What were the most important things in giving me this confidence despite imminent death?’. There are a lot of things that I find important: a strong relationship with God being first, living well with people, being kind, but one of the most important things I think of is

loving those you love.

I could not feel okay with death if I was not positive that the people I loved knew, without doubt, that I loved them.

You do both yourself and your loved ones a disservice harboring the love you have for others.

For a long time, the only people I told that I loved them were my parents. But my parents were not the only people I loved. Do you see the issue in this? If I died then, the best friends that I have had since kindergarten would have to live the rest of their lives on the assumption that I loved them. Granted, I use to tell them on rare occasion that I loved them and I’m sure they could feel it, but that is just not enough.

This is not a long, drawn out post. It’s just a reminder to love those you love. Living is simply the process of dying. That sounds somber, but there’s a beauty in knowing that opportunities are not infinite. So love like you’re dying…because you are. Here are a few tips.

Notice the small things.

Do you like the way your friend listens? Or the way your mother remembers that you don’t like green beans?

Tell them.

Know the love languages of those around you, and love them how they receive love.

Make sure your effort of love is not in vain. If someone does not receive love the way you are giving it, the message may get lost in translation. Either ask or observe your loved one’s love language and find ways to love them in that way.

Stay grateful.

Honestly, if you always remember that this world owes you nothing and every bit of kindness you receive is a blessing, your love will begin to multiply. Check out my blog post On Gratitude for more insight on why gratitude is so important!

That’s it guys. Also, I know that I am a day late posting this blog post, but tomorrow we will be back on schedule now that everything has died down.

I love you guys,




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