On Gratitude

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When growing up, I would eat taco bell everyday.  I would daily sniff the artfully wrapped tortilla skin and its baby feces looking contents straight into my intestines. I loved it! In fact I loved it to the point that my best friend’s mom would always tell me I would turn into a burrito. This was until my mom quit her job and stayed home to take care of me for a while. Taco bell suddenly became a rarity, becoming even more rare with every jobless day. There we were counting up coins to buy gas, and in the back of my mind I felt as though the universe had jipped me. No taco bell? No more succulently sauteed onions wrapped in bean and cheese goodness. I felt like I was owed by God, the universe, my parents….I wasn’t even sure who owed me, but somehow me and my little jobless, wanga-belly self felt entitled to getting my daily taco bell fix.


I’m not sure when things changed, but praise God that they did! I think I lost just enough hope in humanity to realize that NOBODY owes me anything…especially not God. This concept changed absolutely everything. When you realize than you are owed nothing, then suddenly every choice that others make to be kind gets met with gratitude. Now, I consider my gratitude to be one of my greatest strong suits. Let’s talk about the


Benefits of Gratitude.


Less disappointment

When you expect nothing from anyone, you are never disappointed when their humanity kicks in. I found myself in times passed so                 disappointed after I put people on pedastals or assumed that my normal amount of kindness was theirs as well. This was not fair to them and ultimately damaging to myself too.

More positive outlook

Gratitude turns every good thing into a blessing rather than an expectation. The exact same amount of good things may happen to you, but your outlook makes you feel significantly more blessed.

People like you more

Nobody likes a negative nancy…well some people do. But it’s significantly more difficult to dislike someone who is constantly positive. As someone who exudes gratitude, there’s a certain life that you bring to any group you’re in, and people like that.

Becoming More Grateful

Be cognizant of your complaining

When life is getting a little struggly, most of our natural reflexes are to complain. When you feel yourself about to complain, pause, do not say anything and then begin to

Count your blessings.

Even if it’s just little things. Take the moment to think about how many more things are good than bad. Consider journaling. I often feel more grateful for things when I am able to look back on it. I sometimes bring a journal around with me and when something good, beautiful, or inspiring happens, I just quickly jot it down. Gratitude is like a muscle, so sometimes you cannot find anything to be grateful for. In those times you need to

Become a silverliner.

Extrapolate blessings from everything- good and bad. This is key if you want a life of gratitude because oft times, when it rains, it pours. Sometimes everything is so bad that you can’t even remember the last time life was good. In these times, being a silverliner comes in the clutch for your positivity. When you hit a difficult time, pause (I find this really important because it changes our reflex from complaint to allow for gratitude), then think of what could be good from this experience. Traversing the mountains of fecal matter life dumps on you? Well atleast it’s easy on the feet. Car broke down? Well atleast you’ll have that summer body you’ve been looking for and putting off. This can be difficult, but it genuinely changes everything.


Y’all, I want to us all prosper so much. So please be great and more than anything be grateful!


Much love,


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