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Good morning my dearest wild ones!

You guys, I don’t know what it is, but I have just been feeling so beautiful lately. Today, I had my hair in a bun, only petroleum jelly and moisturizer on my face, and a pair of my dad’s old pants with a slightly cropped top on. Despite this seemingly undesirable combination, I literally smiled in approval every time I passed a mirror. I also took a picture…sitting on mom’s tub…as you can see in the featured image.

I feel like society constantly feeds the faulty correlation between realizing your beauty and a lack of humility. We are taught that we can be beautiful, but we should not be too sure about it. Always be shaky when believing in yourself. If you truly are confident, shroud that confidence in a cloak of faux humility if you don’t want to seem conceited. When we are complimented, we should act confused, as if it is our first time learning of our beauty. We must then respond, “No, (insert often insincere compliment to the original complimenter here)”. Always the complimenter, never the complimented. If you do not drain your soul’s little compliment bucket on compliments you don’t mean, you are open to be considered conceited and become a target of people’s projected insecurities.

What is this world we live in? When did a simple ‘Thank You’ become insufficient?

It’s exhausting to search the depths of your soul to find a return compliment for every compliment you get.

So this is me just embracing me. Taking a moment to just love myself inside and out. Because society’s ideal for outward beauty has also sifted into its ideal for inward beauty. ‘I’m okay’ is one of the most overused phrases I hear, and it drives me crazy!  No baby girl, you’re fabulous. You’re fierce. You’re flawless. You’re dope. You’re amazing. And very rarely you’re just okay, but own that too. We constantly oscillate between extremes- either completely overhyping or downplaying ourselves. Why can’t we just accept what is? If we do not like what is, then change it, and accept the change after it’s changed.

For a few years now, I have been tired of this. I have retired these rules of society.

So, when I compliment you, you know I mean it. I spurn even the thought of searching for compliments because human beings are truly some amazing and inspiring creatures. I refuse to feel like I need a mental laxative to express my genuine admiration for an individual.

I refuse to overhype myself to compensate for my insecurities. Instead, I own my insecurities and work at them until I reach where I want to be. Until I reach a place that needs no overhyping.

I also refuse to downplay myself to compensate for the insecurities of others. I’m not helping anyone by tricking them into believing that I am a mediocre individual. I’m not mediocre. I want to inspire people whether through the good things about me or bad. Dare to inspire you guys!

This is a bit a rant, but its so necessary. Too often we find ourselves feeling bad for liking ourselves. That is simply a mess.

Does your hair curl like a vine coming out of your scalp? Is your skin pale enough to show the immense beauty of your iris? Do your full lips have a story all of their own? Do your cheekbones stand at attention? Does your stomach lean on your belt buckle for support? Does it laugh with your mouth? With your heart? Do your hips sink into your body? Straight and narrow, they lean in to kiss each other? Does your hair, long and straight, fold into the curves of your back? Does your skin, brown like the Tuscan sun, play hopscotch with light waves meant to burn you? Do your limbs shoot from your torso like trees firmly planted? Did your teeth take a break to contrast the darkness of your mouth with the light in your smile? Do your fingers tap dance across piano keys without talking to your mind first? Do your muscles no longer tremble under the stress of athletic strain? Do you write in fluid motion? Does ink touch paper as river touches rock? Do your bones know how to dance? Know how to bend into tangential curves? Do you teach? Do you photograph? Do you cook? Do you simply love?

I don’t know you, but there is one thing I do know.

You Are Amazing!

Take some time to look at yourself and understand why.

Be Great,



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