Note to Self

Morning Wild Ones,

Today is a different kind of post, I hope that you’re blessed by this little note to myself.

Dear Brit,

Yeah, you’re inadequate and will always be, but those are the best things about you. Those are the places where God’s blessings lie, the places where God’s glory is seen most prominently. Wanna be a vessel for God? Boast about your weaknesses. You’ve been stressed that your inadequacy could block God’s will for your life…get over yourself. You cannot be so bad that you compromise God’s plans. Be great girl because God’s grace is sufficient for you! His timing is perfect for you. He has died for your situation, made sure your humanity came in agreement with heavenly powers, spoke to the demons which seek to bind you unrelentingly, spoke via power that he claimed through perfect experience, created new life in you, and made you to walk in the power that reaching rock bottom affords you. When you make your bed in hell, when you kiss the floor of rock bottom, He will be there because His grace is sufficient for you and His mercy is everlasting. Now live like the testimony you are. Eat and breathe to His glory. His glory is there to bless you, so when you go through trials and tribulations for His glory remember that blessings are sure to follow. Remember that your trials are much more grace than punishment, that thorn in your flesh is your blessing. The darker the situation, the brighter the blessing! Step into your destiny girl because He has a plan to prosper you and not to harm you, a plan that He’s had since before you were even the womb. He has declared victory over your life, you may not look like it now, but remember that His grace is sufficient for you! You are blessed and highly favored whether we’re talking about city or country, going out or coming in. You are the head and not the tail my girl, the lender and not the borrower! You were fearfully and wonderfully made! Be excellent!

*Be sure to check out 2 Chronicles 12!

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A young visionary. In spite of talents and passions in a plethora of areas, I have a singular mission in life. Helping people whether be physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, is the totality of my life's mission. Nothing more. My purpose, however is to fulfill this mission primarily through medicine. But I do not want to stop at medicine. I want to use my words in all areas of my life to help people. My blog at is one of the main ways for me to accomplish this goal. On this blog I help people to daily find beauty in the wild extremities of their souls where sun rarely shines, yet beauty blossoms full.

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