New Year, who dis?

Good morning Wild Ones!

I missed you guys! I had to take a bit of a hiatus, but I’m so excited to be back!

Recently my pastor mentioned that if many of us were to put our New Years resolutions from this year and last year side by side, they would be identical. The thought truly scared me, but more importantly, it forced me consider how much I’ve grown in the past year and the things I need to do to remove any type of stagnancy from my life. One of the things that I recognized needs work is my friendship circle. I’m usually quite particular about the friends that I keep, but recently I realized that  being a good person is not always enough. Being a good person doesn’t stop someone from being bad for you. I decided that I am going to have to get rid of some very good people that I care about because I truly cannot afford for the reason that I cannot penetrate new levels of success to be because of anybody else.

 I am more than capable of impeding my own success, and I need friends that are propellers rather than stumbling blocks. 

The phrase ‘New Year, who dis?‘ at first glance seems very jovial. But the truth is that we often miss so many opportunities while carrying the same deadweight people from one January 1st to the next. Im done doing this; instead I’m promising myself to be less caught up in mundane loyalty and more in healthy relationships. When necessary, I will be saying ‘New Year, who dis?’ and turning some of my friends back into acquaintances. This is something hard to do, but I’m ready to grow in a way that I have never experienced before which requires taking steps that I’ve never taken before. 

Take some time to consider your friendships. Do you have very negative friends that keep you from dreaming further? Do have critical friends that leave you insecure? Do you have part-time friends that leave you not feeling not good enough? Do you have friends constantly trying to one-up you? 

It’s not so much about momentary slips into these bad habits; instead it’s about these traits becoming habitual and consistently evident. Nobody will be perfect, but you have to determine what you can handle of another’s imperfections. There are somethings that will affect you significantly more than it would someone else. I personally can handle a one-up friend, but I don’t do well with a negative friend. I then may keep some of my one-up friends, but be quick to get rid of all my negative friends. Ultimately, you must determine what is best for you, and refuse to let your stagnancy be due to anyone else. 
Be great,


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