Look Back At It: Summer 2017


Good morning Wild Ones!

Leaves are falling, jackets are coming out, and butt cheeks are retracting back into clothes that cover them; it’s fall y’all. I’m going to give fall a chance to speak, but can we first talk about how this was one of the BEST SUMMERS OF MY LIFE!

It was simple. It was beautiful. It was just what my soul needed!


Check out my blog post On Change vs Growth to see how this summer completely upgraded my perspective. More than just taking ideas from my life, I decided that I wanted to actually chronicle my journey. So welcome to the first ‘Look Back At It’; I hope you guys really enjoy this!

Month 1: May- Friends and Family

School was finished, and I wanted nothing more than to shrug off this year of struggle, this year of not terrible but honestly not great, this year of homesickness and growing pains…and never pick it back up. I wanted to travel and makeup for the time I lost in the struggle (I go into a lot more detail in On Change vs Growth ). I barely traveled, but May was kind of like the prequel to my travel goals.


May started on the last week of April in my head. My best friend came to visit this week and a few days later, I took 2 hours out to go to Howard University’s Carnival. I was literally covered in powder…and freedom. Following this freedom, my finals came and so did my real freedom. Y’all I could literally jump out my skin how happy I was! After the year I had, I decided to go dancing every night until I left DC. I didn’t go every night, but even though I only went 3 out of 4 of the nights, I danced for all four nights in those three nights.


Then onto Chicago! I spent some beautiful time with my family out there before going to Michigan for my best friend’s graduation. At this point, I was about as happy as I could get. Then, I had a hilarious road trip back to Alabama and hit the ground running when I got there. Literally that night, I went out to dinner with a friend of mine, and I didn’t stop seeing friends for the next two weeks. I also went on a weekend trip to Atlanta with one of my favorite people and her niece. I was in rush to see everyone before I left to go on my ‘real’ vacation. *Spoiler Alert* I didn’t leave until it was time for school again.


Month 2: June- Gathering The Thoughts

June was a probably the most important month of this summer.

Week 1

I spent a whole week just thinking all day and seeing friends in the evenings. During this time I worked through a few huge concepts.

1. How much you need your friends vs how much they need you
2. Accepting people as they are and calling things as they are
3. God and religion (you can see the fruits of these questions in The Concept of God and Concept of God Continued)
4. Why am I here?
5. Change vs Growth (this post clearly sums up most of my summer)
6. My dreams and goals

Week 2

The next week I spent accepting people as they were and calling things as they were- mentally adjusted friendships that were really just acquaintanceships. I got rid of some people that weren’t good for my journey and got over some harbored feelings that were even worse for my goals.

Weeks 3 & 4

I call myself a wild butterfly, and for the last two weeks of june I did some wild butterfly stuff. During this time I karaoked, shadowed an amazing doctor, restarted learning French with a french family I fell in love with, and collected gains like nobody’s business. (Y’all I was the definition of summertime fine. The body was poppin’!). I met some of my favorite people of the summer in a place that became my favorite spot of the summer. I put some bomb dreads in my hair and took those heavy things out before the week was done. Wore a blond wig for a while. I loved those I loved, ate good food, and shared good laughs. Ya girl was living her best life.

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Month 3: July- Back and I’m Better

I spent a few weeks in Alabama just ya know…being great and stuff. Then I came back to DC. This was a simple and rather uneventful month.


Month 4: August- Get Your Life Fam

While DC is great, I didn’t miss it at all. I was honestly angry that I was back. On top of that anger I started PMS’ing, followed by my iron getting very low, causing more irritability. Suffice to say, I was a mess! And I was a mess for weeks. Eventually I really checked myself on the way I had been thinking and drank some blackstrap molasses tea for my iron. Things quickly started to look up.

Month 5: September- A Dream

September was a fabulous month. I was literally so happy- on my wild butterfly tip. This month I’ve been grinding and becoming better in every way. Me and God have been lit. My hair is healthy and growing while my face is glowing. Ya girl’s lifestyle is healthy. Quads are out here popping. My blog is gaining consistency. My friendships are beautiful. Outside of this last test, I’ve been really good in school. I’m motivated and focused and just ready to be better than I’ve ever been. Also, I went to Afropunk. September has been a dream you guys.

Hope you guys enjoyed this. I pray that you’re growing and that your journey continues to be a beautiful one.

Only love,



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