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Last week, we had the introduction to the new series on here about how to change YOUR life. This morning’s post is part one of the series, and I am so excited to really get into it! Today we are talking about learning yourself. While learning yourself can seem a bit like a nonsensical step, it is probably the most vital one. Common sense tells us that after spending an entire lifetime continuously in the presence of one person, that we would know them completely. But in this case, common sense has lied to us. We are so unabatedly bombarded with the expectations of others that, who we are can get buried beneath everything that we are not. So after spending your entire lifetime with you, you thoroughly know everyone but yourself. This is the case if you are not intentional about learning yourself. Learning yourself is so important in the process of becoming your best you and ultimately changing your life; it is nearly impossible to address problems that you do not know are there. This step is also the foundation which the rest of this series builds upon.

When embarking on this journey of learning yourself, I would advise you to start by learning your personality type. This is the backbone of change. It does not seem very important, right? But this is YOUR journey which needs to be specifically tailored for YOU. Learning your personality type will optimize this process of changing your life. You will notice that personality type will be a recurring feature throughout this series. I would recommend taking the Myers-Briggs personality test. You can find quick versions of this test free at places like http://www.truity.com/test/type-finder-research-edition or http://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test or http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp . If taking the test is not for you I’d advise you to answer a few simple questions to get at least a very general idea of your personality type.

1. Are generally energized or drained by being in large groups of people?
2. Would you consider yourself to be more reflective or someone who prefers talking aloud?
3. Do you prefer to plan or go with the flow?
4. Do you work best with things such as to-do lists?

Question 1 is based on the main definitions of introversion and extraversion. If you said you are energized by large groups of people, you are probably an extravert. Note, this has nothing to do with shyness, only energy levels. If you said that you are drained by large groups of people, you are probably an introvert. If you are an introvert, you probably know the feeling of knocking out after what feels to be the longest day with a group of friends.

Question 2 is based on some characteristics that generally go along with these personality types. If you said that you are more reflective, you are probably an introvert. If you prefer to express those things aloud, you are probably an extravert. Note, most people have a bit of both, but these questions are about your more prominent characteristics.

Question 3 is based on the main definitions of judging and perceiving. If you said plan, you are probably a judging personality. Note, this does not mean that you are prone to being judgmental, but instead that you prefer a more structured lifestyle. If you said that you prefer to go with the flow, you are probably a perceiving personality. Note, this does not mean that you are more discerning, but instead that you are more perceptive and open to change.

Question 4 is based on some characteristics that generally go along with judging and perceiving personalities. If you said yes, you probably have a judging personality. If you said no, you probably have a perceiving personality.

These four facets of personality typing do not cover the entirety of your personality. They are instead the most effective and high-yield facets of personality when creating a targeted plan to change your life. If you would like to learn more, I’d advise visiting http://www.myersbriggs.org/my-mbti-personality-type/mbti-basics/. As we continue on this journey to becoming your best self, we will put what you learned about your personality type to use in nearly every post. So continue tuning in and finding beauty in the wild extremities of your soul where sun rarely shines yet beauty blossoms full.

Be Great,

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