Grassroots: Ode to Alabama


They call it grassroots for a reason

Sometimes it looks as though the grass has grown roots,

My barefoot, it’s fruit.

I run on warm summer days through sod that was only thought to be on the other side.

The kind of greenery that can usually only be sought after by the other side.

Do you know the sound that it makes when Alabama red clay sings with playing children?

Our clothes drenched in its musical notes.

Mama says that this ain’t a choir,

And if her water bill keeps going up, we’ll see who sings louder, the belt or its fire.

I never knew not everyone said hello to their neighbors,

And by neighbors I even mean the strangers.

I couldn’t think of stranger things than women my age now without wedding rings.

I always knew that fixin’ required no tools

Because her mama was always fixin’ to beat her behind but on Sunday she was singing let this little light of mine shine.

And on Monday she was cheering for Crimson Tide.

And I know that they don’t understand when they only 40 years old and I call them ma’am.

But back where I’m from, that’s called home training.

And they not gonna get this.

They not gonna get why I say my bars hotter than Bama in mid-August.

They not gonna get this.

They not gonna get why even after the leaves fall I still say I’m in Harvest.

They not gonna get this.

They not gonna get this because they never seen what trailer park looks like mid-forest.

And to be honest, I don’t expect them too.



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