Falling in Love with the Journey Podcast

The Wild Extremities Podcast

Thanks for checking out my first podcast! You guys, I made a little  intro song (we’re still working on it though) and a podcast pictures, so it’s legit. Listen to me on the way to school or work, when you’re on the train or in a plane, when you’re bored, or when you need a calm voice after a night of partying.

Click the play button below to get started listening to how I learned to fall in love with my journey!

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A young visionary. In spite of talents and passions in a plethora of areas, I have a singular mission in life. Helping people whether be physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, is the totality of my life's mission. Nothing more. My purpose, however is to fulfill this mission primarily through medicine. But I do not want to stop at medicine. I want to use my words in all areas of my life to help people. My blog at www.wildextremities.com is one of the main ways for me to accomplish this goal. On this blog I help people to daily find beauty in the wild extremities of their souls where sun rarely shines, yet beauty blossoms full.

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