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Find beauty in the wild extremities of your soul where sun rarely shines yet beauty blossoms full.

Shy and Awkward.

These were two words described me embarrassingly well as a child. Growing up, even though I had a lot of friends, I was always different. As an INFJ, my personality type makes up 1-3% of the population; thus making it the rarest. As a kid I used to try to blend in, forcing a faux-extrovert façade. I had people fooled occasionally, but there was always that inner conflict created by my ideal self fighting with my real self. Our society places way too much value in extroversion and usually does not nurture the introversion that many of us possess. So naturally my ideal self was extroverted, blended in well, and spoke to everybody effortlessly.

My real self was the opposite.

I remember many occasions when a party or large gathering would become too much for me, and I would have to sit in a corner or hide in the bathroom. I  felt completely overwhelmed being surrounded by my friends…as they were all having so much fun. My real self was so far from my ideal self! The disparity between these two versions of my self caused, what they call in psychology, cognitive dissonance. So I tried to relieve this by hiding my real self even more.

After years of poorly playing the role of an extrovert, I eventually learned how to love the awkward and introverted parts of myself.That is what this quote is about; it’s about finding beauty in every part of yourself. That includes: the awkward, the weird, the self-conscience, the lonely parts of yourself. I have learned holistic self-love, and I wish that for everybody that reads my blog. I’m not always perfect when it come to loving the harder parts of myself, but I have learned so much on this journey that I’d love to share with you. I hope to share my passions, my tips, and experiences with you as we journey together in finding beauty in the wild extremities of our souls where sun rarely shines yet beauty blossoms full.

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