A Fearless Concert Extravaganza


Good morning my Wild Ones!

Last year I was doing a 30 days of boldness challenge that most definitely changed my life. The scariest thing on my list of challenges was to do a solo concert on campus. Mind you, my undergrad campus on a whole was ridiculously talented, so having a concert as someone who didn’t consider themselves a singer was wild (and quite possibly foolish). Which is exactly why I did it.

I was scared out my mind, but boldly, I made fliers and promoted my concert.

Ya girl was out here calling friends and texting acquaintances. I even had a hashtag. A ton of people had agreed to come…until my outdoor concert got rained out. I was devastated, but I simply rescheduled. When I did have my concert, only a handful of people showed up. This made the concert an even greater challenge because just standing outside singing to 5 people doesn’t look like a concert. I looked crazy, but I loved every second of it! I was BOLD and Absolutely Fearless. Free from all the burdens of society, literally nothing could stop me! I was literally calling passersby to join my concert.

I told one of my friends in Jamaica about my concert, and she made me promise to do one when I got there. About a month later, I was there, and I took my concert international. This time I was FEARLESS, and the concert was the bomb. Even up ’til now my friends will talk about it. Here are a few clips from that concert!

I hope you guys are out there living your best life and being bolder than you ever thought you could be! Check out one of my favorite blog posts On Why Boldness Matters and stop letting fear keep you from amazing!

Be fearless,


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