5 Questions to Reflect on in 2017


Morning my Wild Ones!

It’s been a minute. Honestly, I’ve really been having a rough time since Thanksgiving, but I’m so glad to be back! From sickness to tests, to traveling, to things that can make you need a soul cleanse, I’ve been all over the place.

Still, overall life has been so good!

Whenever I think back on last year, I cannot help but be grateful for where I am now. For the places God has brought me from. And the growth I am constantly stepping into. Because of this, I decided to do today’s post: 5 questions to reflect on in 2017. This post is inspired by a video from the youtuber, Vagabond Youth. I absolutely love her channel. If you guys get a chance, check out her series, ‘The AM With Amy’! I’ve also added her video below.

So let’s get started!

1. Where were you this time last year?

Last year this time, I was sitting on this same bed in Jamaica, but I was in a completely different head space. When I left DC to come to Jamaica for winter break last year, I was in some serious prayer for change. 


I was doing very mediocre.


I didn’t have real school friends, nor were there any young adults at my church. I spoke about this in my post on ‘Falling in Love With the Journey‘.


I was tired. I was not even entertaining the idea of any type of intimate relationship. I was even further from wanting an actual boyfriend.


I had gained a lot of weight compared to my usual frame. I was also in a constant battle with my health for the entire 2016.


2016 was a rough year financially point blank period.


I was extremely homesick, and overall just felt lost and unfulfilled. I remember praying that the next time I left DC, it would feel like I was leaving home. My New Year post last year was actually on ‘Giving Up On Someone‘.

2. Where are you now?


I am doing well in school. There’s definitely room for a lot of growth, but a far cry from where I was this time last year.


From my class, I made a banging best friend that I thank God for every day. I have also become good friends with other awesome people at my school. My church now has a solid amount of young adults that I absolutely love. Also, I met this awesome group of poets that I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED ABOUT! They’re a new edition, but I’m hype to see what relationships will form from there.


After 4 years of being single, I am finally ready for a relationship. It feels almost weird to be dating with a relationship in mind again and even weirder to actually like someone for the first time since moving to DC. I’m definitely taking it slow, but it’s really been an exciting experience.


I’m back to the weight I like to see myself at (maybe not after all the food I’ve been eating out here in Jamaica). I have been pretty good with my workouts for the semester…excluding this last month. My health has been a bit sketchy though but definitely improved from 2016.


I’ve been so blessed to have parents that could help make this year a good financial year for me.


I feel so happy and fulfilled. DC feels like home now, and I am very well aware that life is good. I spoke more about this in my post, ‘Look Back At It: Summer 2017‘.

3. If you could describe the year in three words, what would they be?

When I think of 2016 it was a year trial, perseverance, and change. 2017 has been different; it has been a year of restoration, growth, and faith.

4. What are you grateful for? 

I am grateful for everything in question 2 as well as my parents (including my godmother), the amazing people I’ve met this year, the family that I am close to, the people that became family, my church which is the best church on the planet, the aunt and uncle that became mom and dad, restoration, and mad other stuff that I talked about in my post ‘On Gratitude‘.

5. What brought you the most joy in 2017?

The friendships I built by far!


So in conclusion:

  1. Ya girl’s happy.
  2. Ya girl’s feeling fulfilled.
  3. 2017’s been a year of restoration.
  4. 2018’s going to be even better!
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Sending love and litness,



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