5 Steps To Grind Through Exhaustion


Good morning my beautiful Wild Ones!

I don’t want to be writing this…like at all. Y’all I am so tired! Sunday morning I started feeling a bit sick, and although I still don’t look or even feel intensely sick, my energy levels are at an all time low due to whatever my body’s fighting.

But I’ve realized that if you want to be successful, your grind has to transcend your feelings.

So let’s not beat around the bush, I’m going to give you what you came here for.

5 Steps to Grind Through Exhaustion

Note: Take care of yourself! Your well being is more important than anything else. Still remember that while you are taking care of yourself, life goes on, so you will soon have to get back to it. Life is a balancing act and I could not be foolish enough to think that I have it down enough to tell anyone else how to balance it. This advise is for after YOU have decided it is time to kick things back in gear despite how you feel.

1. Allow your goals to be your motivation

I want to have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and to make a huge impact worldwide. I also want to do motivational speeches literally all over the planet all while being a banging doctor who murdered her step 1 boards. This is enough for me. I need nothing else to make me want to grind.

What are some of the things you want for yourself? Before you decide to sit on your behind not doing anything, truly ask yourself how your lack of action is affecting YOU achieving YOUR goals. Also, think of the goals you have achieved. How did that make you feel? Was it worth the work you put in?

For me, writing EVERY Wednesday and Friday was a goal I was working towards. I’m doing that now guys, and that feeling just makes me want to accomplish even more of my goals! Exhaustion will not keep me from that!

2. Affirm Yourself

Sometimes you just have to let yourself know who you are.

I am a queen.

I am a doctor.

Ya girl’s blessed and highly favored.

I am intelligent.

I am stronger than any sickness could ever be.

In case you done forgot, YOU ARE THE BOMB!

Realize that when you know who are, your identity does not conform to your circumstances but instead your circumstances conform to your identity.


3. Put your phone away

For many of us, when we are sick or tired or both, there is nothing more comfortable than to wrap up in a blanket and scroll through social media. But is that benefiting you in any way, fam? No, it really isn’t. We’re usually not too tired to text our friends or talk on the phone, but we’re somehow too tired to be productive members of society. You can miss both me and yourself with that.

I’ve become the queen of ‘Do Not Disturb’. I’ve found that putting my phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ and either sticking it in my bag or across the room (if I’m home) is a HUGE time saver.

A few notes on Do Not Disturb: 1. You never want there to be an emergency and people cannot contact you. I advise allowing repeated calls to come through which is a function that can be found in your settings. 2. If you have a designated study or sleep time, scheduling Do Not Disturb can also be super helpful.

4. Put on a bomb playlist

What can’t be done with a bomb playlist in the background? Literally nothing.

For base level motivation I usually go for a vibey playlist and when I’m on my last straw I usually bring out some reggae/afrobeat. Check out my favorite vibey and lit playlists here! Find what works for your study style and stick to it. Do you need jazz? Classical? Rain sounds? Trap? Figure it out and watch your productivity skyrocket.

5. So what, you’re tired? Just do it.

Really want to push through exhaustion? This step is the simplest one. J U S T  DO  I T!

I don’t have any long explanation on this, but check out my post on Overcoming Overwhelm to learn a few ways to make just doing it a little more manageable.

Y’all done know that I’m sending you all the love this world has to offer,


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  1. I agree! Sometimes you just gotta push through, but don’t forget to let yourself rest every now and then. I think a lot of us are all in hustle mode, but I’ve learned the hard way about crashing. No one’s thinking clearly if they’re too exhausted. Either way, thank you for this post! I’m about to get to writing and just had to wake myself and make myself physically leave the bed. Obviously, me seeing this post now is divine. Thanks!

    1. I completely agree with you! I’ve really grown to take health, emotional especially, very seriously. This is more of a kick-yourself-into-gear post, so I’m glad it could help you with that! Every Wednesday, I have posts on different struggles that I’ve either overcome, am currently fighting, or just completely flailing in, and I give my tips or just thoughts. Hope to see you back!

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