10 Best Spoken Word Poems: Art n’ Soul


Good morning my Wild Ones,

In college I was a part of literally the absolute best poetry collective EVER! This group of young, black, ridiculously talented poets are genuinely my favorite poets out there. Together we grew in every aspect, from poetry to character, and became each other’s biggest fans. So this morning I decided to showcase a few of my favorite poems from my favorite poets! As biased as I sound, I’m positive that you’ll fall in love with them as well! I am thinking of doing a showcase like this monthly with different groups, so let me know how you enjoy it on any of my social media platforms or in the comments below. Also check out Art n’ Soul’s Youtube page and my poetry on this blog to see more of what this collective can do!

Y’all this poem has over a million views on Facebook and for good reason. This boy is so talented it’s ridiculous!

Find Kale: On Twitter, Instagram, and even on my favorite motivational speaker, Eric Thomas’, track ‘My Right is Wrong‘.

Khaleel’s use of wordplay makes me sick in the best way. This isn’t even his best work!

Find Khaleel on Instagram and Twitter!

The literal queenity (that’s not even a word fam) that was on this stage. If you meet these wonders, you’ll be even more in awe of them!

Find Lauren on YoutubeInstagram, and Twitter!

Find Jasmin on Twitter, Instagram, and buy her book on Amazon!

Can we please talk about how one human can craft language like he created it? This poem is probably my favorite in the whole list. Oneil is not only an amazing poet but also an amazing human being, a mentor to me, and about to be a doctor in less than a year! He is goals!

My guy’s currently applying for residency so I’m not going to put his socials up, but definitely check out more of his poems on Art n’ Soul’s Youtube page!

You’re looking for emotion? Looking for metaphors that will have your head spinning? Trying to find a boss chick who’s crazy talented? Look no further y’all. Ariel is one of my favorite people ever! We went from poets, to roommates, to friends, to family. She legit speaks in poetry and you guys need to follow her!

Find her on Twitter and Instagram!

My Lord! This was one of the poems that made me want to join Art n’ Soul. How is your entire poem a perfectly crafted extended metaphor? How do you write about sex in the framework of an extended metaphor of a sanctuary? This poem pushed so many boundaries and I love it!

Follow this now lawyer and always artist on Twitter and Instagram!

I wish you guys could watch Nakhaz’s writing process. This man is a literal beast! The way his mind works…and how his wordplay stays so strong never ceases to amaze me! This poem was literally used in at least one classroom that I know of to teach kids about poetry.

Find Nakhaz, this accountant, poet, and overall dope human being, on Twitter and Instagram!

As a black woman who loves black men, I love this poem! Myles has such a beautiful talent that was really different from the rest of the group and I vibe with it so hard.

Find this beautiful pastorman on Instagram!

Jasmin’s writing is just gorgeous. Her use of syntax and solid performance skills makes me a huge fan of her. But on top of all of that she’s such a nice person.

Find my girl on Instagram!

Y’all I love this girl and this poem! She is currently kicking the poetry world’s behind, winning every poetry competition in sight. You should definitely follow her so that when she is out there doing world tours and stuff you can say that you knew her when she was equally as poppin’ but just on a smaller stage!

Find my girl on Twitter and Instagram!

There was only supposed to be 10 poems, but I couldn’t help myself. Peerless is one the most beautiful souls I know; he literally is art. This poem was really just a conversation with his girlfriend on stage and I love that.

Find my guy, the most hardworking man I know and Art n’ Soul’s current president, on Twitter and Instagram!


I hope you guys have enjoyed this and fallen just as in love with my friends as I am! Some other dope artists to come through this poetry collective are Mick JenkinsMaine the Saint, and JusChris so check them out as well! And don’t forget to check out Art N’ Soul’s Youtube page and follow their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr to see even more amazing poetry!

Sending love and creativity in your direction,


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